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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 5, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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glorious weekend down south. josh came back with her. welcome back to amy, too. sam, lara. we're all here. and talk about a little drama down in alabama. little ethan is safe. rescued by the fbi. he was having a great time last night. surrounded by his toys. >> it's been a harrowing week for little ethan. it all ended with the fbi raiding that underground bunker to free him from the man who held him captive. police were watching every moment on that little camera. they only went in when they thought the 5-year-old was in imminent danger. abc's gio benitez has the latest from midland city, alabama. gio, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. so often, we're telling stories with truly tragic endings. but this day is different. this story is about a little boy's rescue. overnight, 5-year-old ethan, seen here in a photo obtained exclusively by abc news, was evaluated at a nearby hospital. he arrived sitting up on a
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stretcher. and this morning, his family tells abc news, he is in good spirits and appears unharmed. even playing with his toy dinosaur. >> ethan, he is doing fine. he's laughing, joking, playing, eating. >> reporter: the fbi says, after a week-long standoff, it finally made the call monday to raid the homemade, underground bunker, where 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes was holding the child hostage. sources tell abc news, the decision came after agents managed to insert a small, high-tech camera into the bunker to monitor dykes' movements. >> mr. dykes was holding a gun. fbi agents, fearing the child was in imminent danger, entered the bunker and rescued the child. >> reporter: in a matter of minute, just after 3:00 p.m., agents used an explosive charge to blow open the bunker's entrance. they killed dykes, before taking
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the boy to a nearby hospital by ambulance. abc news has learned in the course of a week-long standoff, the fbi had created this mock bunker near the site. and had been using it to train agents for different scenarios to get the boy out. still, monday's raid was not the ending police had sought. they spent days negotiating with the decorated vietnam veteran, through a ventilation shaft. sending food and toys to the boy, while addressing the h hosta hostage-taker as mr. dykes. when the talks finally broke down, police say they had no other choice but to catch dykes by surprise. incredibly, ethan's mother had asked police days ago, not to kill dykes. >> she put her hand on the officer's heart and said, sir, don't hurt him. he's sick. >> reporter: you know, friends and family tell us that little ethan is a boy that loves to be hugged. and you can bet, he's getting those hugs today. george? >> thanks, gio. joining us are ethan's great aunt and uncle.
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debra cook and berlin enfinger. thanks for joining us this morning. take us back to that moment when you first heard he was safe. >> i was telling some of the family that, you know, if i could, i would do cartwheels all the way down the road. i was ecstatic. everything seemed like it was just so much clearer. you know, we'd all been walking around in a fog. and everybody was just -- they were excited. there's no words to put how we felt and how relieved we were. >> what more can you tell us about what he's doing? i know you saw him last night. >> he's happy to be home. he's very excited. like i said, he's happy to be home. and he looks good. he looks good. >> deborah, we heard he was playing with his toy dinosaur last night. >> he was. he was. he was having the biggest time. he had several toys he was playing with. and he was our ethan. >> what has his mom told you about how he's doing?
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>> she just said he's doing great. >> what more can you tell us about this man, mr. dykes? there's been reports that he was kind of a menacing figure, brandishing a rifle at times. even beating a dog to death at some point. did you know him at all? had you seen him? did you know about this behavior? >> only through the news media. we didn't know him personally. we just heard about how some of the things that he did, his actions. he seemed to have some issues. >> so, he was pretty well-known in the community, deborah? >> he was pretty well-known here. but i mean, you know, in this small community here, i had never heard of him before. >> but others had. and we know that ethan's mom had been hoping that mr. dykes would not be killed in this standoff because she said he's just a sick man. did she talk to you about that?
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>> like i said, as far as he goes, we were given just very little information on him. >> tell us a little more about ethan. i know you call him your little buddy. >> he was -- he's a special child. he's 90 miles an hour all the time. he is a very, very loving child. and when he walks in a room, he just lights it up. he's special. he's special to the whole family. >> and i know he loves your truck. >> we missed him. >> yes, he does. he's always asking me to take him for a ride. and i do. i have a couple of times. he just -- you know, he's just so excited about it.
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like i said, we try to -- he's so special to all of us. and not only to all of us, but to the whole community. we try to spend as much time with him as we possibly can. i mean, i just can't say how much he means to all of us. >> i'll bet you all are getting ready for a great birthday celebration tomorrow. >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. >> yes. >> we heard that there was a lot of birthday cards being collected. and i'm sure it will be a day that he won't forget for a long time. >> well, wish ethan happy birthday for us. thank you. >> we will. >> we sure will. and thank you. >> thank you. >> it's going to be some party, huh? >> turning 6. and he's with his family. and that's what counts. let's go to josh for the other top stories. >> that's terrific news. good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with a wake-up call for drivers.
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we just learned that gas prices have skyrocketed. biggest jump at the pump in years. hitting a record for this time of year. and cecilia vega is here to explain why. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning. one week ago, check this out. the average price, $3.36 a gallon. this morning, we're all the way up to $3.54. that's a whopping 18-cent increase. what's behind this? oil prices are on the rise, kicking the prices up. refineries are doing maintenance. throw in the tensions in the middle east, and the prices are on the rise. this is whopping. we are nearly paying $3,000 just to fill up our tank every year. a massive 4% of the family income, josh. not good for the family budget, especially if we hope to keep fueling what has been a very fragile economic recovery. >> no pun intended. thank you for that, cecilia vega. meanwhile, we're burning more of that very expensive gas
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sitting in traffic than ever before. the average american spends what amounts to one week in traffic every year. the most congested cities, washington, l.a. and san francisco. many drivers in the d.c. area need to leave almost two hours early just to make it to work on time. and five years after the financial crisis sank the economy, the wall street credit agenesis may finally have to face the music. the justice department is suing standard & poor's, saying the agency ignored its own standards and gave its blessings for the toxic securities. s&p says it's being unfairly punished. and a horrifying attack at the circus. american trainer alexander crispin. performing in front of a crowd. one of the tigers attacks him.
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crispin, just 35 years old, would later die from neck injuries. and a big scare at a construction site in boston. a worker fell, plummeting 30 feet from that building. not, however, seriously hurt. he landed, however miraculously, on a pile of bubble wrap, the material being used to cover the scaffolding. >> what a sound that made. >> it likely saved his life. and please, don't try that at home. finally, you might want to try this at home. a very lucky fishing trip for a couple from arkansas. on the way out of town, stephen weaver and his wife bought a lottery scratch ticket. it was a winner. a big one. $1 million big. so, on the way home, they stopped at the same store and buy another ticket. >> no, no. >> and take a look. the check for $1 million. and another check for $50,000. >> you have to be kidding me. >> they're going to use the cash to pay some bills and save for retirement. i'm going to announce that "good morning america" is going on the road. and we're coming to arkansas. immediately. >> a little fishing trip.
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>> did they go back for a third time or retire? >> maybe you push yourself away. i don't know. >> i say you're looking at it going, it's all good. we don't need to go back. >> thanks. we have the latest on sarai sierra. she's the new york mom found murdered in turkey. as authorities piece together her final hours to find the killer. abc's nick schifrin spoke to her husband. he joins us now from istanbul. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. today, steven sierra is coping with unimaginable sadness, preparing to fly home with her body. her murder still unsolved. this morning, investigators are combing through clues at the crime scene, trying to figure out how the new york mother's body was dumped inside a cave at the old city walls. the man who loved her for 16 years told me on the phone, he was consumed by grief. how much do you miss her today? >> i can't put that in words. i've never, ever, in my life, have i had a love like this for
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another person. you know? it's a deep, deep love. >> reporter: steve sierra says he's heartbroken. he had always dreamed of spending the rest of his life with sarai. >> she's amazing. i mean, she is amazing. you know? she truly is. just very loving. even with the kids, i mean, she's so loving and caring. >> reporter: he thanked police who are now taking dna samples from 21 suspects, and comparing them to dna found under sarai sierra's fingernails. they are combing through hundreds of hows of surveillance video. that's sierra in a mall, just one day before she was due home. just a couple of hours before she left, she told her family she would come to this bridge to take a few final photos. it's only about a 15-minute walk from her house. but snefr made it. and she was never seen again. >> i would like to know what happened from the time she left her room, to the time she was
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going to take pictures of the bridge. >> reporter: sierra's coffin has been moved to a church to prepare for the journey home. in new york, her family is shocked and inconsolable. >> she was going to go on this trip. and i thought -- i hugged her before she left. >> reporter: steve sierra tells me he still has to do one of the hardest things he'll ever have to do in his life. they still don't know if their mom is coming home. and he hasn't had the strength to tell them over the phone. >> cannot blame him for that. it's just going to be agonizing. >> what a sad story. we move on to some of the questions of what caused the blackout at the super bowl. was it beyonce's electrifying halftime show that knocked out the lights? abc's matt gutman is here with a closer look at how it all went down. matt, good morning.
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>> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. well, beyonce may have killed it. but she didn't cause the blackout. the utility company had been concerned about decay in the electrical feeders powering the superdome three months ago. and this morning, the ravens set to start their ticker tape parade in a couple of hours. there's one more super bowl mystery afoot. overnight, triumphant and tired, the ravens brought that vince lombardi trophy home to jubilant baltimore. only the trophy that's been kissed, coddled, and cradled by so many nearly didn't make it. >> we hadn't seen this since last night. we thought we'd lost it. >> reporter: he wasn't kidding. the trophy didn't make it to the owners' super bowl party. it was located monday. maybe all of the sets of fingerprints helped track it down. then, there's sunday night's other whodunit. two minutes into the second half. >> one flick of the light switch and we lost power.
7:14 am
>> reporter: twilight. the game stops. players perplexed. "60 minute" cameras caught it all from the control room. >> uh-oh. we lost lights. >> reporter: coach john harbaugh, furious. a near record 108 million americans watching, wondering. could it have been beyonce's megawatt performance? >> beyonce blew the electric in the super dome twice i'm told during her rehearsals. >> is that right? >> reporter: was beyonce too electrifying? despite jay-z's tweet. lights out. any questions? officials say it wasn't beyonce's electrifying show that blew the power. >> there's no indication at all that this was caused by the half time show. absolutely none. >> reporter: turns out, beyonce brought her own generators. on twitter, the blame landed on this guy, from the movie "airplane." >> just kidding. >> reporter: and jokingly, the star of last year's halftime show, madonna. the power company says the likely culprit, an old-fashioned power surge. and in december, the stadium
7:15 am
earmarked nearly $1 million to rework the super dome's ele electrical grid. have no fear, beyonce may not become persona non grata anytime soon. >> i know folks in baltimore were celebrating already. but there might be some more reasons for that. >> indeed. we love this story, amy. today, ravens fans are celebrating the win. but not exactly why you might think. a whole bunch of people are getting free furniture thanks to one company who frankly made the wrong bet. take a look. it seemed like a pretty sure bet for this baltimore furniture company. >> baltimore returns the opening kickoff of either half for a touchdown, everything you buy at gardener's super sale before 3:00 p.m. on sunday will be free. >> reporter: but sure enough, when the 49ers kicked off to start the second half, that's exactly what happened. >> 109 yards and a touchdown. >> reporter: now, gardner's is making good on its promise.
7:16 am
$600,000 worth of furniture all free for the lucky buyers who made purchases in the three days leading up to the big game. >> nobody was more surprised than i was when the second half opened and jacoby jones runs the kick off for a touchdown. within seconds, my phone is ringing. >> reporter: customer, tom carter came to collect. >> $763.18. >> reporter: tom and his wife bought a new mattress and box spring and thought, what the heck? they might win it. >> i was scream something loud, you would probably hear me screaming all the way across the city. >> reporter: they'll name the box spring jacoby. congratulations to them. so glad that gardiner's is making good on a promise. and the odds of returning a kick for a touchdown, are about 300-1. probably a zillion-1, it would happen at all for these lucky commerce. everybody wins. >> good publicity. let's go to sam and the weather. >> hey, how's your day going? >> oh. >> oh. >> a little better than that.
7:17 am
>> from "the cincinnati enquirer." these are small, quick-moving clipper systems. we'll show you video out of new jersey. early this morning, light snow falling. it's just enough to be a nuisance. the roads look wet. and you know it as soon as you put the brakes on. they're not wet. thanks for the follow-up questions, everybody. >> you can't show the picture without the questions, right? that's fair. just asking a question. >> a rough morning. okay. in comes -- i'll remember that, josh. in comes an area of low pressure. and several of them that sweep through. from the dakotas to the great lakes, to new england. it's one or two more of those systems, quick-moving clipper-like symptoms. a little layer of snow, some cold air. in the deep south, some heavy rain today. this is, by the way, today's rain -- oh, sorry. the eastern coast is today's rain. the western coast is tomorrow's rain. >> and
7:18 am
>> and just notice briefly that anywhere from central to southern california, another on
7:19 am
the road issue will be the fog on the west coast today. >> all right, sam, thank you. >> thank you. and coming up, jodi arias takes the stand in the breakup murder trial with the dramatic defense. why she never thought she would be on trial. dan and nancy here to weigh in live. and the big business of being queen bee. the superstar reinventing herself with a brand-new look. how she's hitting reboot on her career right now. and it's the commercial that -- you know. what's he got that so many of us don't? i still don't see it. we're going to be talking to him, live, coming up. >> we don't either. and the fashionable secret to slimming down. we'll take you inside what they're [ store ] jared the galleria of jewelry here.
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♪ every kiss begins with kay >> now, from abc7 news , good morning, i am eric thomas. a study ranks traffic in the bay area among the worst not nation. the report from texas a&m transportation institute shows washington, dc is at top. los angeles and number two. the san francisco-oakland region is tied with los angeles for number two and new york city is at number four. the report projects traffic congestion will balloon 65 percent by 2020 if it does fought improved. and how improve are things today? >> not very well if you travel from castro valley to 38 to 880. we had an early accident at davis which is gone but the red line is very slow traffic. we call 238 sold out, bumper to
7:24 am
bumper, you can see the app it is jammed. also, still slow out of walnut creek southbound 680 toward 24 and through the san ramon valley. our meteorologist, mike
7:25 am
7:26 am
>> we are back with good news. the clouds are not as thick as yesterday, three miles visibility is we have in santa rosa, the lowest, and no flight delays at sfo and mild at 41 in
7:27 am
antioch and 50 in oakland. that is the spread outside right now. temperatures in the mid-to-upper temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's with well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched.
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and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. ♪ for her next act, beyonce as marie antoinette.
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following the super bowl performance. >> all right. and from a beautiful woman to a beautiful man. but apparently josh isn't so sure what sets this guy apart from the rest. >> i can't figure it out, either. >> i thought you were going to pay josh a compliment. >> no, no. not a chance for that. >> should we play this a few more times until you notice what it is. >> i think we should study this. closely. >> it's his kind soul. >> it's his eyes. >> we sent our correspondent into the field of getting up close and personal with him. wait until you see how his mom reacted, which is really cute, when she saw him in the super bowl, on that ad, that most of us can't forget. and he'll be here live, as well. >> longest tease, ever. >> i feel like -- >> and we'll do it again. because we need to. and he is the royal rebel
7:30 am
everyone can relate to. why is prince harry under fire again? is prince charming starting to lose a bit of the magic? we're going to get right to the dramatic testimony in the breakup murder trial. jodi arias takes the stand and says she did kill her ex-boyfriend. ryan owens has been covering the trial from phoenix. and joins us with all the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. as you know, about all of the legal experts said that jodi arias would have to take the stand to try to convince this jury she killed in self-defense. well, she started her story. the question this morning, will anyone believe her? >> you may come forward and take a seat, please. >> reporter: jodi arias, admitted killer and serial liar. took the stand saying -- >> swear to god? >> reporter: she'd tell the truth. >> how are you feeling right now? >> nervous. >> reporter: she should be. the 32-year-old could face the
7:31 am
death penalty if convicted. her defense attorney wasted no time getting to arias' newest story. that she stabbed and shot her ex-boyfriend in self-defense. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4th, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> why? >> the simple answer is that he attacked me. and i defended myself. >> reporter: arias looked right at jurors as she told her story. the same jury that has watched her lie to police, over and over. >> i did not hurt travis. >> reporter: the prosecution is hoping the jury will not believe a word out of her mouth. they say arias stalked travis alexander. and then planned the brutal killing of the businessman. arias spent almost two hours on the stand monday. most of it focused on her childhood. with her mother in the front row, she claimed her parents beat her. >> hit you hard? >> it felt pretty hard, yeah.
7:32 am
it left welts. >> reporter: she also testified about early boyfriends she says were processive. the defense is hoping to convince the jury arias was a victim of repeated abuse, who ultimately had to kill to save her own life. arias also tried to explain away this jailhouse interview with the show "inside edition." >> no jury is going to convict me. >> why not? >> because i'm innocent. and you can mark my words on that one. >> reporter: now, telling this jury, that was not as arrogant as it sounded. >> at the time, i had plans to commit suicide. so, i was extremely confident that no jury would convict me because i didn't expect any of you to be here. >> reporter: this jury has taken copious notes since the beginning of this case. but not when jodi arias got on the stand. pencils and papers down, they were riveted. and the main event is still ahead. the fiery prosecutor taking on the woman he calls a
7:33 am
cold-blooded murderer, in cross-examination. it should be something to see. amy? >> ryan owens, thank you very much. for more, let's turn to our legal team. nancy grace and dan abrams, "gma's" legal analyst. dan, obviously, this has been an uphill battle for the defense. what do you make of arias' testimony on the stand? >> i said from the beginning this is a terrible defense. they've made almost no progress thus far. but jodi arias is a great witness. she's a great liar. but she's a great witness. she looks over at the jury at the right times. she pauses at the right times. she thinks at the right times. >> she looks like a librarian. >> she is a great witness. now, i don't know that that's going to hold up on cross-examination. i would doubt it very highly. but they had to put her on the stand for this defense. and considering only seeing two hours of her direct examination, i think she's done perfectly well. >> her attorney had her admit
7:34 am
right away, that she killed travis alexander. what do you think of her testimony so far? >> well, frankly, after watching her on the stand for two hours, i liked her ninja story much better. when she was talking to "inside edition" or "48 hours" when she told the story of the man and woman clad in solid black who came in and murdered travis, as she watched and escaped with her life. she was much more believable then. yesterday, she would look at her lawyer. and then, robotically turn to the jury and say, yes. and turn back to her lawyer. i mean, a mannequin at saks fifth avenue had more life and more feeling. remember, dan, this is a woman who started crying in front of the jury when she saw a picture of a dog. so, when she was trying to remember her own story, she was extremely robotic. >> i didn't view it as robotic. i watched the whole testimony. i thought if you take away everything that has actually been said and you take away the content of her story, which i agree with you, claiming that
7:35 am
this is somehow, now, a suicide as opposed to her claiming she was innocent is impossible to believe. but as a witness, i didn't view her as robotic. i thought she was actually -- >> dan, dan, dan, you're under her spell. >> i am. >> she got to you. >> she did. i am. >> the jodi arias mojo has gotten you. >> i could have been her next victim. >> the abuse. she said her mom spanked her with a wooden spoon. i had to go pick a switch -- my own switch off a tree for my grandmother. i don't think a wooden spoon is going to make a lot of difference. maybe the father slapping her when she stayed out all night. that might get to a jury. and every boyfriend she's had. he cheats or he's terrible. and i'm sure they're going to paint travis alexander in the same stroke. >> they are. and this is the sort of thing where they could have decided to wait until the penalty phase to
7:36 am
have her testify about this, right? >> they did this earlier than usual. and the attorney tried to diffuse one comment, saying she would never be convicted. when she had an earlier interview saying, i'm completely innocent. i'll never be convicted. was it believable, saying she was contemptlating suicide? >> it's like she's saying it in a vacuum. she's saying, i'm innocent. and no jury will convict me. >> that's exactly right, dan. she said no jury will convict me. i'm innocent. travis knows i'm innocent. that's why they won't convict me. can you see back in the attorney conference room. let's see -- they won't convict me because i'm truthful. that won't work. because i was going to commit suicide. >> we're going to have much more. >> he's got to be careful -- i think not to go at her. they'll be able to get her on the facts. he shouldn't be too aggressive. >> i'm sure we'll be back, revisiting this soon. dan, nancy, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it.
7:37 am
time, now, for the weather and sam champion. sam, good morning. >> hey, amy. we're going to start with 70 degrees in l.a. yesterday. today, about 63 degrees. that's a sign that the wind is shifting. also, we're dropping cooler air down the coastline today. it may help get rid of the fog that's there as we change to the air mass. it's a tough fog. in the central valley, you have less than 300 feet in visibil y visibility. 63 in l.a. you have fog on the coastline. snow in the mountains. all that mild air has pushed east. that's good news if you're feeling a little cold and you don't want to be cold. in a few days, you're okay. new york city, 42 on wednesday. 40 on thursday. 42 on friday. washington, d.c. gets to 50 on friday.
7:38 am
>> i might pick dallas over the next few days. dallas is so nice. the showers are south of it. plenty of sunshine, near 70, for several days in a row. >> i'll take honolulu. >> all that weather brought to you by jimmy dean. nice. honolulu. coming up, can beyonce's star rise any higher. there she is right there. big tour ahead. and harrowing times for har harry. why the royal rebel is under fire right now. that's good!
7:39 am
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7:43. we're back with the latest on beyonce. the superstar at the center of a controversy just two weeks ago. silencing all of the critics with the blockbuster super bowl performance. now, she unleashes a bold, new look. linsey davis has a look at what's next for queen bee. >> reporter: channeling marie antoinette, on this royal announcement of her upcoming tour. beyonce seems like she's ready to run the world. her tour, mrs. carter, appears to be a p.r. master stroke in a series of attention-getting moves. from her a cappella mea culpa press conference. ♪ by the dawn's early light >> reporter: to her new documentary. that jaw-dropping halftime
7:43 am
performance. >> beyonce timed everything perfectly to re-enter the stage. she has a new tour coming out. she is making the biggest splash possible. >> reporter: of course, this 18th century number isn't the only corset the queen of pop has been sporting lately. the one she wore when she electrified the crowd at the super bowl, is leather and lace, created by designer rubin singer. >> she was going for it. it was about the strength and the bravado and that power. >> reporter: and the crowning glory of her fierceness. long, golden curly locks, styled by beauty expert kim kimble. >> i needed to be sure that this hair was going to hold up. when she moved it would bounce right back into style. >> reporter: but blowing out the halftime show seemed to be just the beginning. hbo is in a prime position to
7:44 am
cash in on the beyonce blitz, with this new documentary, airing next week. something it seems her fans can't seem to get enough of. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and the mrs. carter show runs through europe and gets back stateside, ending at barclay center in august. who is going? coming up, the other big star of the super bowl. and this one, who is ab-solutely fabulous. give it to me now. we'll meet the overnight sensation live on "gma." >> we need to get him on the show. also, a father with all the right moves. don't miss -- sam got a very special -- >> freeze that. >> stop. the boys use capital one venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their buddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition!
7:45 am
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7:48 am
there's a hallmark card. right then. here's "the play of the day." >> so special, we have a
7:49 am
moonlighting for this "play of the day." it was picked by "the girl with the dragon tattoo" audience. this is chad morton, right? am i right with that? chad morton doing his take. watch. ♪ ♪ this is how i roll sippy cup ♪ ♪ this is a no, no look at that daddy ♪ >> he's daddy and he knows it. so, chad is there. >> so are you. >> chad, good morning. you're our "play of the day," sir. how is it going? >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> josh would want to know. where did you come up with the idea, sir? >> well, every year, we have a family christmas party. we do a funny gift for the family. last year, we did a christmas cd. this year, my wife, we were
7:50 am
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7:54 am
hd 3 >> now, from abc7 news , good morning, i am eric thomas. the fate of california's medical
7:55 am
marijuana dispensaries will be discussed in a special session of the state supreme court. justices will hear arguments about whether local governments have the right to ban dispensaries. they are meeting in special session at the university of san francisco to celebrate the school's 100th birthday. mike is here with the forecast. >> thank you very much, partly sunny skies on the way. but cloudy now and mild at 41 in antioch to 50 at oakland. now, today's temperatures in the 15 snow, mid-50's to 60 today, a chance of rain and cooler weather on thursday and friday. sue? >> the app shows nimitz problem, with the problems gone but the damage is done, and now a second accident southbound has things jammed. a new accident westbound 80,
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ i'm bringing sexy back they're all bundled up out there in times square. but i wish the camera would have been inside here the last couple of minutes.
7:59 am
and you all wish you would have seen it. it's going to start again, isn't it? >> sam put on a little show that brought me to tears. that i was trying to collect myself from. >> all right. >> last minute and a half, trying to get it together here. and she was planning to do it by 8:00. hey, robin. see what you're missing? >> she'll be here laughing, too. >> like it's just me. we've been talking about, among other things, that provocative calvin klein ad that debuted during the super bowl. the overnight sensation bea hhi the ad, he's here, there he is right there. we're asking the question. how does he measure up to ryan lochte and david beckham's six-packs? we have them here. >> did you say measure up? >> i read that. i'm sorry. i'm not doing the measuring. and tracy anderson is here for an entirely different story.
8:00 am
she is checking how fit he is. we'll see what she thinks. also ahead, trouble for harry? is the royal rebel losing a bit of his charm? is the world's most eligible bachelor no longer prince charming? well, it's a serious story, ladies and gentlemen, so many questions will all be answered right here. >> okay. also coming up, it's been called the miracle dress. it's the new secret weapon for looking slimmer. how it eliminates inches instantly the moment you put it on. we will show you. there it is. i guess. >> sam? >> very nice. there's more? and the glitziest event before oscar sunday, the huge oscars luncheon. we were there poolside, if you will. did you know they had a pool at the oscar luncheon? that is something. interviews with all of the nominees. >> let's bring the music down so we can go the josh for the news. we're going to begin with a dramatic rescue. it's been a week-long kidnapping ordeal for a young boy in alabama. he's home safe today. the child, named ethan, is back with his family. fbi agents raided the bunker where he was being held and
8:01 am
killed his captor, jimmy lee dykes, the man who fatally shot a bus driver before snatching ethan. fbi agents used a tiny camera to in fact, spy on dykes. when they saw him with a gun, they moved in. ethan will spend his birthday at home as he turns 6 tomorrow. and new fallout from the 2008 financial crisis. the government filing the first lawsuit of its kind, targeting a wall street credit rating agency. did standard & poor's ignore its own standards when it gave approval to the bad mortgage securities that sank the market? and we have shocking video from south florida. police caught on tape apparently ignoring emergency calls. one officer is here, hugging and kissing a woman, when he was supposed to be heading to an armed robbery. the same officer, also seen drinking coffee, instead of responding to reports of an unconscious child. the officer, perhaps unsurprisingly, has now been terminated.
8:02 am
and worrisome news overseas. lindsey vonn has been seerlsly injured after this, nasty crash in race in austria. she suffered a severe knee injury and had to be air-lifted to a hospital. no official word yet on her condition. get ready for sticker shock at the gas station. prices up 18 cents a gallon in the last week alone because of rising oil prices and refinery maintenance. and if your office is using any of the disinfectant wipes as we use around here, you're not going to be surprised to hear this. clorox stock hit an all-time high. earnings are up 17%. >> you take your makeup off with clorox? >> thanks to the -- the wipe. >> it's a different wipe. >> a different wipe. >> it's a totally different wipe. >> a different wipe. let's be honest. there's a lot of makeup on this. a power sander, usually. now, here's diane sawyer, speaking about this very subject.
8:03 am
diane? >> hello, josh. a happy tuesday to everybody at "gma." well, tonight on "world news," we know the soaps and the hand sanitizers are supposed to help protect the family from the flu. well, how well do they really work? we put them to the test. you'll get some real answers tonight on "world news." we'll see you then. >> thank you, diane. we'll be watching. i think we should go to "pop news" right away. >> ye. >> right away. stat. good morning, everybody. good morning to you, josh, welcome back. you know, we call them rock stars on the field in their prospective sporting ground. for a moment, "espn" magazine, they are. in its first-ever music issues, the famous athletes remake their favorite album covers and talk about the music that gets them pumped to perform. here's ryan lochte as the swimming baby from nirvana's "nevermind." run dmc portrayed by nfl stars lamar woodley, marshawn lynch.
8:04 am
tampa bay buccaneer quarterback, josh freeman, thrilling us. >> that's very good. >> check it out. the issue comes out on friday. even if you were glued to the tv for the super bowl -- >> who wasn't? >> that's right. here's the commercial you didn't get to see, unless you live in sherman, texas, ardmoore, oklahoma, or montana. will ferrell hocking old milwaukee beer in a bizarre style. wow. hello? disrespect. pure ron burgundy. he was busy filming "anchorman 2." he has some ongoing love for old milwaukee. he did another ad for them that only ran in one town in nebraska. that was pretty gratuitous. >> sorry to the people in nebraska who had to see that. >> he was at the super bowl rocking that mustache. it was profound. >> he's a method actor. when he's in that character, he's in. sam, listen up.
8:05 am
the drama on "downton abbey" is nothing like what they face on "upside downton abbey." in this "sesam rks street" spoof, the butler lives to serve. he can't give her tea or crumpets because they land on the ceiling. it continues until the countess renames the estate right side upton abbey. that's cute. and melissa mccarthy knows how to get us laughing. the "bridesmaid" star stopped by jimmy kimmel to promote her new movie, "identity theft." which she takes very seriously. watch how she steals jimmy. >> hello, hollywood. i'm jimmy kimmel. i'll pay for them. i'm jimmy kimmel. wait a minute. >> thank you very much, jimmy kimmel. >> have a great day, miss mccarthy. i loved you in "bridesmaids." >> thank you so much.
8:06 am
>> well played, mrs. doubtfire. >> very funny. that show continues to just rock. >> the movie, "identity theft" is in theaters this friday. and now, a "pop quiz" everybody -- what national holiday will are we celebrating today? very near and dear to one of our own. we're helping sam celebrate it. we'll let you know coming up after weather. sam must know. let's get some weather first. >> what? what? what holiday are we celebrating? hey, you guy, tell me your name. >> mary kiss. >> and? >> bobby kiss. >> you made a sign? who is it for? >> it's for my lovely mother, barbara kiss. she is celebrating her 83rd birthday. >> 83 degrees -- 83 degrees. 83 years old. big kiss for you. where are you from? >> rochester. >> we're not really having snow this morning. compared to what you get in rochester. >> this is balmy. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to share with you as you step outside your doors.
8:07 am
how about this live shot from chicago, illinois? we had a little snow in the area. this is the first time you had five days of snow consecutively. i know it's not a lot. but that's something because you've been in kind of a snow drought all winter long. so here we go -- fargo, marquette, minneapolis, chicagoland. clevela cleveland, charleston. even in the northeast, washington, d.c., you're kind of on the edge of what will happen. we've got a couple more of the lows to get through. speaking of the low, we have a few running down south, as well. these are stirring up rain. there will be good, soaking rain in some
8:08 am
>> we are hearty group in times square, ladies and gentlemen. we're putting up with a little flurry. hey, becca. who are we going back to? >> lara. >> thank you so much. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." ab fab. we'll introduce you to the model whose good looks became a super bowl sensation. plus, we're talking about the miracle dress that allegedly eliminates inches as soon as you put it on. and the latest on the rebel royal. could there be new trouble ahead for prince harry? all that and more coming up on "good morning america," live in times square.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
hey, everybody. it's time for the answer to our "pop quiz." we asked, what national holiday are we helping our sam celebrate? sam, it's national weather person day. >> oh, thank you. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> how are you celebrating? >> i don't know. >> that must explain sam's incredibly good mood. >> yeah. sweetness. >> dripping honey. >> that's how he celebrates. >> yeah. >> it's also national pancake day. in case anybody cares. >> at the same time. >> happy birthday, pancakes. pancakes are probably
8:14 am
something this next person never has. we're talking about the super bowl ad. you know the one. oh, yeah, there it is. this is the guy that stole the show. his name is matthew terry. he is the star of the first-ever calvin klein commercial to ever run during the game. we're going to talk to him live. yes, he's here. first, abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> hard-hitting. the puns go on and on and on. this is one that needs very little introduction. could this be the new king of abs? take a look. ♪ some say it was the absolute best ad of the super bowl. he is the new face -- well, okay. the new abs of calvin klein. and this morning, those abs are everywhere. >> this is the guy. >> that's very admirable. >> reporter: mr. abs does have a name. he is 21-year-old matthew terry. i'm cecilia. nice to meet you.
8:15 am
>> very nice to meet you. >> reporter: i barely recognized you dressed. not too long ago, he was stocking milk in a new jersey grocery store. i need to see the big unveiling. let's see. >> all right. >> reporter: oh, my god. it was not photoshopped. after terry's mom entered his photo in a modeling contest, the rest, as they say -- >> i got a phone call from my agent saying, the video you shot is going to be in the super bowl. i was pretty much speechless. >> reporter: speechless was hardly the reaction his family had when they, and the rest of the country, saw him shirtless on sunday. now, terry's abs join the ranks of other abs of steel. and give david beckham a run for his money. but it takes a lot of work to look this good. >> i like doing planks. i find that once you get that burning feeling, that's when you need to push yourself more. >> reporter: is it beyond six pack at this point? >> if you count the ones on the
8:16 am
side. >> reporter: without a doubt, he had the best six pack of the super bowl. and it had nothing at all to do with beer. so, i put my investigative reporter skills to the test. and i asked those really tough questions. i know, america, you want to know. does he have a girlfriend? no. we're all in luck. his ideal woman, lara, blondes. i'm out of luck. you, on the other hand -- >> one problem. like, seven decades. >> yeah. >> hey, everybody, let's meet matthew terry here. >> hi, matthew. >> welcome to "good morning america." >> good to see you again. >> amy, we might need you over here. >> amy? amy? we go way back, from yesterday. and in the interest of journalism, all in the name of journalism, can you show us the goods? do you mind? are you embarrassed? i have no shame. i did this yesterday. it's all out the window. >> it's only because we're journalists. >> you have to show. this is a "good morning america" treat, right? >> oh, my.
8:17 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> let me ask some questions so that we can actually get some useful information. what's your workout regimen? >> try to go to the gym five times a week. make it part of my daily routine. getting up and showering. >> is eating part of the daily routine? >> absolutely. yeah. always have to eat. also have to work out, too. some people think going to the gym makes the whole thing. but you have to finish your workout with good meals. >> and tons of protein? >> not tons of protein. you don't want to overload your body. but, yeah, like, chicken. natural stuff. supplements don't hurt. but you don't want to overload your body with that. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> this is a really big deal. >> i appreciate it. thank you. >> it's working, whatever you do. >> thank you very much. best of luck. >> thank you so much. >> continued success. amy, back over to you. we know that ladies like to look fit, too. what if you could look like you lost ten pounds just by getting dressed? that's the beauty, apparently, of the miracle dress.
8:18 am
just by putting it on, they claim women go down one dress size. we'll put it to the test, live, in just a moment. but first, here's abc's paula faris with more. >> reporter: when christy looks in the mirror, she still sees the weight she put on when she was pregnant with her infant son, wes. >> here and here would be the -- that's the kind of area i'm insecure about now. >> reporter: priscilla says she sees a tummy that's not flat enough. >> i would love to smooth my kangaroo pouch. >> reporter: and julie says she wishes she had a smaller bottom half. >> i'm pear-shaped. i'm always trying to hide that area. >> reporter: the solution to all these women's body image worries isn't this. or even this. believe it or not, it's this. what she calls a miracle dress. >> our dresses are designed to make a woman look about ten pounds thinner, one size smaller. >> reporter: shani is a fashion
8:19 am
designer whose new line of dresses feature shapewear, sewy right into the dresses. no lumps? >> no lumps. no bumps. >> reporter: the dresses are selling like hotcakes. that doesn't surprise this stylist. >> as long as women want to look flawless, this trend is not going anywhere. >> reporter: but can a dress really make a woman look and feel ten pounds lighter and one size smaller? we decided to find out. with the help of six women, sizes 2 to 16. frock number one, a royal blue dress from shani. the women agree, it eliminated muffin top. >> i feel confident in it. it really smooths things out. >> i have no back roll. no back fat. >> reporter: you look great. and the dress actually shaves inches. before donning the frock, her hips, 41. after putting on shani's
8:20 am
dress -- >> two inches and two inches. >> reporter: how about that? she lost two inches in both areas. you look amazing. frock number two, a versatile number by sassybax, the figure-forming dress that retails for $76, can be worn as a tube dress or a skirt. we're not sure if the women were scared or impressed by the little black dress. >> my husband would like this. >> i feel like a hot mom. >> reporter: but the proof of the power was in the measuring tape. this time, lauren was just 38 inches in the hips, three inches slimmer than without the dress on. >> i feel like i'm probably back in my 20s. >> reporter: as for the opinions of our ladies whether the effects of the so-called weight loss dresses are for real, we'll let them tell you. >> all: it's a miracle. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. joining us now is lori bergamotto, contributing style editor of "lucky" magazine. we know this started with celebrities. kate winslet, perhaps, is credited with starting this trend.
8:21 am
>> she kick-started the trend in the stella mccartney miracle dress. you can get this look. and you can, like everything, a few inches. >> it kind of looks like it acts like a suction cup. >> it does. that's accurate. you're looking for materials that really keep you nice and stay put. almost like a girdle effect. and look for creative color blocking. black panels on the side, no matter what the color is down the middle, creates an optical illusion. >> you found two lucky audience members to see if they wanted to lose a dress size and a few inches. we have marlene from iowa. she can come on out. you look fantastic. she originally had a 34-inch waist and 43-inch hips? >> yes. let's do the work here. marlene, if you don't mind. we're going to do her waist. 34 we started with, right? she's at 31. >> wow. >> at her waist. >> three inches. >> let's do her hips.
8:22 am
she started at 43 at her hips, correct? >> yes. >> now, she's down to 41. so, three inches. that's nothing to sneeze at. >> and you know what, the proof is right there. she looks fantastic. marlene, thank you very much. >> thank you, marlene. >> next, we have briana. she's from rochester. both of these women look beautiful in these dresses. i like how you paired it with the jacket. >> throw a little blazer over. >> she had a 36-inch waist. and 46-inch hips. >> and she also -- we measured her right before. she lost three inches on her waist and three inches on her hips. she is down to 33 and 43. >> if this really has that big of an effect, are we going to see shapewear like this? >> in my closet, yes. designers are hip to this idea. and consumers want it. you can get both of these for under $80. why not lose a few inches and look great while you're doing it. >> lori bergamotto, thank you so much. we have more information on our website, on yahoo!
8:23 am
george? >> thank you, guys. we turn, now, to prince harry. he's back in the spotlight now. the big question this morning, has the man who is third in line for the throne gone a bit too far? some say he's tarnishing the reputation of the royals with less than diplomatic comments. lama hasan has the story. >> reporter: on the front lines, he's a prince everyone can relate to. a soldier like all the other guys. but has the famous prince lost his charm? he's been under fire for being candid about war. >> when we have to take a life to save a life. we're more of a deter rent than anything else. >> reporter: and comparing his skill in the air to his skill at video games on the ground. >> shoot, shoot. >> reporter: even afghan president, hamid karzai, has refused to criticize him, saying young men make mistakes. but his personal life is not what one might expect. he's the world's most eligible bachelor. prince charming and harry the hero, all wrapped in one. his fairy tale romance with
8:24 am
chelsy davy didn't last because she didn't like the limelight. >> if you find the right person and everything feels right, it takes time. especially for myself and my brother. >> reporter: he inherited his mother's famous magic touch. it would seem he is the perfect match. however, lately, harry is unlucky in love. cressida bonas, has rebuffed his advances. and is reluctant to commit because of the circus that follows wherever harry goes. >> no one wants to take on the huge role. >> reporter: harry kept in touch with the blonde beauty when he was away in afghanistan. only time will tell if it's a match made in heaven. even harry seems to understand the pitfalls of being a prince. >> never going to find someone that's going to jump into the position that it would hold. it's as simple as that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> he will work his way through it, fine. coming up, kim kardashian is having a baby and staying fit.
8:25 am
her trainer, tracy anderson, here to show you how to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy. . >> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. a woman in the east bay and two children are out of the hospital after being injured if a hit-and-run accident. police have arrested a suspect in the case much the accident happened last night.
8:26 am
police say witnesses directed them to the location of the suspect. he was arrested in an hour of the accident. the suspect faces felony hit-and-run and possible d.w.i. charges. hopefully drivers are safe this morning. now sue hall has the commute. >> still tough in san jose at north 87, an accident has it slow back to 85 which also is slow-and-go up to 101, as well, so a tough commute in san jose. elsewhere, an accident with a motorcycle west 580 before keller in oakland area blocking two lanes of traffic. kristen? >> thank you, we will check the
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> we are back with a picture of downtown san francisco with the clouds opening and sunshine is where we have the best sunshine in the bay area. everyone else has clouds. 43 on the low end at antioch to 51 in oakland for a temperature spread. with pockets of sunshine this afternoon in mid-to-upper 50's. and cooler tonight in the 30's and 40's and a chance of wet ♪ hello, everyone, on this tuesday morning. look at all those women working out with tracy anderson in times square this morning. tracy anderson, training kim kardashian throughout her pregnancy.
8:29 am
going to show how you can stay fit, as well. they're working hard this morning. we're also counting down to oscar sunday. revealing interviews with all of the nominees. just ahead, bradley cooper revealing what's been the most surprising part about being nominated. kevin jonas and his wife, danielle, join us. they're here to share their story in a unique way. for the occasion, we had ftd deliver a dozen of their ultimate roses. look how tall those roses are. >> they are the ultimate. as are you. >> how much do they know about one another? sam and i are going to find out. we're playing the not-so-newlywed game. >> skinny mic. >> skinny mic alert. >> look out. look out. also, she is beautiful inside and out. and a friend for a long time. if you want the life you should be living, no one can tell us better how to do that than leeza gibbons. she is hitting the reset button.
8:30 am
turning your life into an epic adventure. >> looking forward to that. first, let's get the inside scoop on kim kardashian's secrets to staying fit while pregnant. it's been just over a month since kanye west announced that he and his girlfriend, kim, are expecting. her trainer, tracy anderson, is here with everything you need to know. we'll talk live with her in a moment. first, abc's abbie boudreau. >> reporter: the eternal question. how did she do it? hollywood moms shedding so much baby weight so fast. >> take the arms up here like this. and we're going to drop them down. >> reporter: celebrity trainer, tracy anderson, says the secret to getting your body back is keeping in shape during pregnancy. >> i used to have women coming to me after pregnancy. oh, my gosh, how do i get my body back? if i only had you during the pregnancy, too. >> reporter: she should know. she is credited with
8:31 am
transforming the bods of a-list moms like jennifer lopez, gwyneth paltrow and now, kim kardashian. how is it going? >> she's amazing. i was refreshed to hear her first, i'm pregnant. and i want to do this right. and i want to do this healthy. >> reporter: tracy filmed her new dvd series, "the pregnancy project," while she was pregnant. offering moms-to-be specialized workouts during each month of their pregnancy. focusing more on the muscular structure than cardio. >> she knew what limitations she could put on her body. >> reporter: you're saying it's possible to have a better body post-baby than before you were even pregnant? >> 100%. i have a better body now after my second baby than before pregnancy. >> reporter: after the baby, hitting the gym can be tough, too. i know that firsthand. i'm hoping tracy can help me
8:32 am
with post-baby bootee kicks. >> you really are tight. good job. this is going to make you feel so much better. >> reporter: who says i'm going to feel better after this? i'm not so sure. i'm sure kim will have an easier go. despite cravings like the mcdonald's mcgriddle. though she says she only had one bite. >> everybody's going to be watching her right after the pregnancy. she'll be back. >> reporter: and no doubt, the world will be watching. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> it's so great to have tracy anderson here now. her dvd has all of the tricks to keep you in shape while you're expecting. we have a great group of moms-to-be here to show us how it's all done. tracy, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> i'll admit. i used both of my pregnancies to not workout. and i think a lot of people are afraid they're going to do something wrong. >> that's so valid.
8:33 am
and doctors, experts say, no. we don't know as much as the mother. i'm a dance aerobics queen. and i don't do any jumping during my pregnancy. >> it doesn't have to be high-impact. >> i only do the muscular structure work. there's a hormone that's in our bodies to help our hips and everything change shape. we can keep things awake and alert and connected. that's what "the pregnant project" is all about. that hormone stays in our bodies for six months after pregnancy. we can use that to our advantage to get our bodies back if we keep things awake. >> that makes so much sense. we are helping kim staying fit. show us the moves you've been giving her to work on. >> she's doing fantastic. >> and our moms are going to follow along. >> these ladies, they look amazing. we're going to take one weight. we're going to take it behind us. we're going to stabilize ourselves as we kick our leg back. during pregnancy, we have a major vein. we can't lay on our backs during pregnancy because that can
8:34 am
interrupt blood flow to the uterus. we can use our abs where it's not a direct hit. we're using our abs to stabilize our bodies. >> you're working on the core. >> while we're working on our butt and our arms and everything. we're also taking the pressure off of our back by letting our bellies hang. that feels good, right, ladies? >> how many times should you do this a week? how long should you do this for? >> you should really connect to your body each day, if you can. if you don't feel like it, if you have a day when you feel you need to lay in bed, you have to do that. you know? make the effort each day. and have the conversation with yourself. can i workout today? in the comfort of your own home, in a nice place. you can move if you feel it. >> great tips. i feel incredibly lazy as i'm watching all of these pregnant women exercise. but i guess i wore the wrong clothes. tracy anderson, thanks so much. and, moms-to-be,
8:35 am
thanks for being with us. after your workout, be sure to eat right, too. that's also a good tip. on yahoo! you can find three of tracy anderson's smoothie recipes. time, now, for sam with the final check of the weather. sam? >> i'm strengthening my abs by just holding it all in right now. let's get to the boards. one or two things. your twitter and facebook pictures shows us what it looks like. we got a picture from hannibal, new york, with a good coating of snow. and jersey city, with an overnight light coating of snow. and look at that. snow angel on the back of that pickup. somebody drew a picture for us in the snow. just be careful anywhere from the dakotas through the great lakes into new england. that's where the cold air is. also, there's a little layer on the ground. most of the country is looking good. look at houston, at 75 degrees. memphis at 60. we have a little rain that drops into the northwest and slides south. san francisco and points south, central and southern california, get ready for that over the next couple of days. it starts in the northwest. why should you move? unless you're doing tracy anderson's workout. our maps move for you right
8:36 am
>> it worked. i'm holding it all in. thank you. all that weather was brought to you by target. >> you need a miracle dress. >> we all could use some, right? we're counting down to oscar sunday now. a little more than two weeks away. the next big step, a star-packed lunch in beverly hills. all the nominees treated to a champagne lunch. and they opened up to our oscar expert, chris connelly, about the thrill of being nominated. and getting ready for the big night. >> reporter: what's the best part about all the attention you're getting? >> the photos. i like the photos.
8:37 am
>> reporter: here with her film's director benh zeitlin. 9-year-old actress quvenzhane wallis, best actress nominee. >> everything fitting together. >> reporter: posed in the shadow of oscar, at the academy awards nominees' luncheon. a great chance for everyone to get acquainted. >> it's not a competition. no one's winning today. you can say hello. you might be surprised by who you see. so, it's good. >> reporter: for best actor nominee, hugh jackman, things might be even better. we're right by the pool. >> we should be in the pool. pina colada. we could just do one of those. in australia, it would be in the pool. >> reporter: "silver linings playbook" best actress nominee, jennifer lawrence, has been coming out of her shell. >> i have become friends with sally field, which i'm proud of. >> reporter: what did you talk to sally field about? >> we should start car pooling. and i'm, like, we totally should. >> all of the actresses should show up in a giant van.
8:38 am
i have an suv. it's a hybrid. i thought, great. i'll pick up all the girls. they'll cram in. >> reporter: like you're a softball team or something. >> i know. we're all going to the same place. we really should. >> reporter: here and elsewhere, they're still feeling the love for their films. like best actor nominee, bradley cooper. >> i got to go to washington, d.c. last week and do a screening for the veterans at walter reed hospital. suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, among many other ailments. it was -- it was unbelievable. >> it feels good. you know, first time maybe wasn't a fluke. >> reporter: did you have to not cry so much when you did the scenes? >> when you're about to cry, your throat starts to hurt. so, what i do is, i let my throat hurt. and then i swallow and it stops. until he says cut. and i swallow. >> reporter: the challenges of award show season can mess with anyone's life. >> yesterday was the super bowl. all i had was, like, wings and beer all day. >> reporter: is this what wings and beer look like?
8:39 am
>> this is what wings and beer and a professional makeup artist for an hour. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> oscar sunday here on abc, february 24th at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. coming up, time for the not-so-newlywed game with kevin and danielle jonas.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we're having the nicest time because they're the nicest couple, by the way. back with kevin and danielle jonas. we're celebrating the 40th anniversary of the love stamp with them. the reality show, their hit, "married to jonas" they're working with the u.s. postal service, to introduce a new 2013 sealed with love stamp. it comes out today. >> we're happy to be a part of it. >> this is incredible. your grandfather, for three decades. >> yes. >> a postal worker.
8:43 am
>> yes. >> neither sleet nor snow. >> there's cousins and uncles. everybody worked for the postal service. i felt it was appropriate that we joined. >> sitting around the table, do you hear war stories about that dog. >> more about paper cuts than anything. other than that, he was a mail stories. >> i like being around you guys. you guys are lots of fun. >> thank you. >> are you guys ready to play? >> i think we should. >> all right. skinny mic. thank you so much. it's time to play the not-so newlywed game. we're going to see how well you know each other. after three long years of marriage with cameras in your faces the entire time. here we go. danielle, fill in this blank. where did you and kevin have your first kiss? >> in my garage. >> in your garage? >> what did -- oh. >> and the answer is, her parents house. judges? yes.
8:44 am
>> all right. all right. we will take it. >> as long as it's in the attached garage. if you park your car blocks away from the house -- >> danielle, you're grounded. all right. >> okay. this one for -- let's see. kevin, i guess. kevin, what is danielle's favorite jonas brothers' song? >> jonas brothers' song. >> come on. >> is it -- >> the one she sings around the house all the time. >> "burn it up." >> the answer is -- oh, wow. >> should have gone with the love song. >> the love song. >> yeah. >> "burn it up" is her second favorite. >> something to dance to. >> danielle, here we go. the best valentine's date that kevin's taken you on was which? >> i can't remember.
8:45 am
>> we know he's a romantic guy. >> in the tour bus. >> on my tour bus. wow. >> amazing what a little sterno light can do. >> it's a family show. it's a theme. tour bus, garage. there's a driving theme going on. complete the following sentence, kevin. our marriage would be perfect if we could just agree on -- blank. >> anything? i'm just kidding. i'm just kidding. >> i love you two. we're having so much fun. it's nice to be with you. >> i'll give danielle a rose. >> ding. >> there you go, baby. >> we need an answer. >> did you answer it? >> anything? >> judges? >> that's it. picking up after himself. >> i'm not good at this.
8:46 am
>> it's a loving couple. danielle and kevin jonas, everybody. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. coming up, leeza gibbons here, live. her guide to creating happy endings and new beginnings. we have a couple for
8:47 am
8:48 am
so happy to have leeza gibbons with us. author, talk show host, wife, mom, friend. and now has a new book. it's called "take 2: your guide to creating happy endings and new beginnings." glad to see you. glad you got the memo about the purple. looking great and being happy. that's what this book is all about. it's "take 2" and how to capture that happiness when you're going through it. >> we're all going through it. life changes on the way to happily ever after.
8:49 am
people get fired. they get depressed. disillusions. the kids leave home. maybe the kids come back home. things happen. and it doesn't turn out the way we had planned or we had hoped. just like the movie business, "take 2" is not a rehaul of your life. but it's to fix a flub up. it's a chance to make it better. that's what i write about, ways to make it better. >> who should buy this book? who should read this book? >> anyone who gets lost. sometimes we forget our music. and the melody of your song is about to change. if you can let go of that song and know there's something else over here, you're going to be able to show up for yourself in the way that you need to. >> you're really candid about your own struggles in the book. and sort of the lessons that you've learned. you're not an expert. but you've been on a journey. you have a great perspective. you call it not a memoir. you call it life support. >> it's part personal growth, part self-help.
8:50 am
life lesson, lovelesssons. it is a glimpse through my journey. i'm an expert on my life just as we all are on our own lives. once you can grow your courage and show up for yourself and be proud of who you are, that's the biggest part of the journey. these are reminders. how to get there. simple steps. >> you have so many simple steps. you say to find pace setters, role models. you mention robin roberts. >> how many women look to robin as the best example of friendship and faith and always staying focused on hope and living in the power of possibility? that's robin. i talk about that as having a high goddess quotient. nobody has a higher g.q. than robin. when you do that, you can watch victories come into your own life. and it becomes -- we exercise our change muscles, we get really good at changes.
8:51 am
you got really good at changing. >> thank you. thank you so much. the name of the book, everybody, "take 2: your guide to creating happy endings and new beginnings." great to see you so happy. best of luck on the show. tell everybody the name. >> my tv show? >> yeah. >> "america now." >> indeed. great to see you. >> thank you, honey. we'll be back. ahead on "gma live!" you won't believe how we're about to surprise sam on national weatherman's day. we'll be right back. ) 3 days ofg
8:52 am
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you newest member of our "gma" family. congratulations of reese olivia. what a beautiful baby. that is fantastic. >> i could look at her all day. congratulations. tomorrow on "good morning america," josh groban is performing live. >> and "gma live!" is coming up right now.
8:55 am
don't forget. >> >> slash.
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8:57 am
>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. the national gun violence debate that started after the sandy hook elementary school heated up in los gatos. opponents of a new gun store say a public review of the permit process for the company was not conducted in december. city officials were not required to do it. supporters say it opened legally and should not be punish the.
8:58 am
now the forecast with mike nicco. mike? >> pockets of sunshine today. temperatures are we let average, mid-to-upper 50's. tonight, we will have clearing conditions and not as mild as this morning. 30's inland and fremont and palo alto and san jose and low-to-mid 40's around san francisco and oakland. rain on the way for thursday morning. sue? >> we have an early accident westbound 80 just now cleared. you can see by the app that traffic is backed to richmond parkway. an early accident northbound 897 that is now cleared. however, it is slow back to highway announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the series "smash," katharine mcphee. and a visit from author leeza gibbons. plus, we'll introduce you to the lovely ladies that will join kelly in hollywood for her big
8:59 am
girls' night out. all next on the emmy-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi. hi! calm down. it's only tuesday. michael: yeah. [laughter] kelly: tuesday, february 5, 2013, as a matter of fact. one more day until we become ugly on wednesday at 3:30. i'm fascinated by that


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